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To Conquer Your IBS So You Can Get Back To Feeling “Normal” Start With This Free Training

IBS & Sports Dietitian

I’m Charliejeane, a UK clinical and sports Dietitian, and I help professional and active men and women overcome their IBS to reclaim their freedom to socialise and train as hard and as often as they please, with a body they’re proud of.

Who’s In Charge – You Or Your IBS?

Does it feel like your IBS symptoms dominate your whole life, like what you can and can’t do, what you can eat, the places you can go, the clothes you can wear, and you’re constantly thinking and worrying about your condition?


Learn how to have “normal” bowel habits again, and drop the usual struggles and stresses of IBS, even if you’ve suffered for years and couldn’t see any way out

Break The IBS Cycle


Every day we meet people doing everything to break free, but still battling with random IBS attacks. We’ll help you escape

Avoid The Mistakes


You can quickly burn through time, money, and sanity trying to figure it out yourself or following common advice. We’ve got you

Set Yourself Up For Success


With support, a proven plan and action, you can change the trajectory of your life, and the lives of your children. We’ll help you

Your first step towards reclaiming your greatness… 

I Can Eat Curry Again!

29th April 2022

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I used to feel like whatever I eat brings on symptoms, and I couldn’t exercise. I love CrossFit and going for a run – I love being fit, and it helps me with stress as well. But since suffering with IBS, my stress has gone through the roof, and I couldn’t train either, and I’ve put weight on, and my fitness dropped. Everything spiralled.

But now, I rarely have any symptoms and when I do it’s because I’ve decided to eat something I know will bring on symptoms, but they’re nowhere near as bad as they used to be, and I can still get on with doing stuff rather than staying at home til its gone.

And I’m super happy I can eat curries again – I really missed a Thursday night curry watching some sports with my mates. I can pretty much eat what I want now. Thanks CJ!

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Richard P, IT Technician

My Whole Life Has Changed

21st April 2022

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Me and my family have just got back from 2-week vacation in Italy. It’s been so good to finally get away because we’ve not been anywhere since before my kids were born – they’re now 10! My IBS has been a nightmare. And vacations were a definite no-go, let alone wear a swimsuit or bikini because my bloating was so bad even though I only ate bland, plain foods.

Since working with Charliejeane and her team, my IBS has improved that it’s like I don’t have it anymore, but it’s helped me more than just my IBS – I’ve grown as a person and it’s changed how I am, my relationships, how I am in work, my outlook on life. And I felt they truly cared about us too. I’m so grateful to Charliejeane and Glenn for all their help and support. Thanks guys.

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Beth M, Business Owner

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Fake IBS Experts

I’ve Cured My IBS, So I Can Cure You!

16th May, 2022

“I want to share my secret with you…​​I use this system myself and I know it works. It took me a lot of work and experimentation on myself till I’ve found what really works. I’ve bought all products you can possibly imagine, and tried most IBS treatments out there…​​But now I know better, and I […]

IBS diagnosis

IBS Diagnosis And Breath Testing

5th January, 2022

How is IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) diagnosed? To diagnose IBS or any condition for that matter, the physician uses the most appropriate, most effective, and most accurate test/procedure based on the most recent scientific evidence, and starts with the least invasive option possible. They don’t just pick any old test that they like doing! They […]

IBS doctor

Feeling Let Down By Your Doctor?

30th November, 2021

It can be frustrating wanting to see your physician /medical doctor for your IBS (or any condition for that matter), but then have to wait agggggges for an appointment. ⏳ Then when you eventually get an appointment, you sit in the waiting room for aggges because they’re running behind schedule. ⏳ Then eventually your physician […]