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IBS & Sports Dietitian

Hey, I’m Charliejeane, a UK clinical and sports Dietitian, and I help active, and ambitious professional men overcome their IBS so they can claim their freedom to lead a more fulfilling life, doing the things they love, with a body they’re proud of.

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live” (Jim Rohn).

Who’s In Charge – You Or Your IBS?

Does it feel like your IBS symptoms dominate your whole life? … what you can do, what you can eat, the places you can go, the clothes you can wear? And you’re frequently distracted and can’t concentrate because of your IBS?


Because you understand… Health First. Performance FollowsTM


Learn how to have “normal” bowel habits again, and drop the usual struggles and stresses of IBS, even if you’ve suffered for years and couldn’t see any way out

Break The IBS Cycle


Every day we meet men doing everything to break free, but still battling with random IBS attacks. We’ll help you escape

Avoid The Mistakes


You can quickly burn through time, money, and sanity trying to figure it out yourself or following common advice. We’ve got you

Set Up For Success


With support, a proven plan and action, you can change the trajectory of your life, and the lives of your children. We’ll help you

Your first step towards reclaiming your greatness… 

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I Can Eat Curry Again!

29th April 2022

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I used to feel like whatever I eat brings on symptoms, and I couldn’t exercise. I love CrossFit and going for a run – I love being fit, and it helps me with stress as well. But since suffering with IBS, my stress has gone through the roof, and I couldn’t train either, and I’ve put weight on, and my fitness dropped. Everything spiralled.

But now, I rarely have any symptoms and when I do it’s because I’ve decided to eat something I know will bring on symptoms, but they’re nowhere near as bad as they used to be, and I can still get on with doing stuff rather than staying at home til its gone.

And I’m super happy I can eat curries again – I really missed a Thursday night curry watching some sports with my mates. I can pretty much eat what I want now. Thanks CJ!

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Richard P, IT Technician

After 6 years of pain, bloating and living in the toilet

12th May 2022

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I used to feel like everything I eat goes right through me, made me bloated and gave me bad stomach pains. I used to constantly feel exhausted, and everything was an uphill struggle. My GI said there’s nothing more he could do, and I’ve got to just live with it.

It’s mad to think I’ve been struggling all these years, and then thanks to Charliejeane, I was feeling great within only a handful of weeks. I now know exactly what I’m doing to keep my symptoms at bay, plus I don’t have to take any supplements or drugs.

I no longer have to work late into the night to make up time to hit project deadlines, and I’m landing more projects and more interesting projects too – I feel so much happier and way more productive than I’ve been in years. I’m super grateful to Charliejeane and Glenn for all their help and support.

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Mike F, Architect

Not Yet Been Diagnosed With IBS?

Are you suffering with gut symptoms, but not got a diagnosis?

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