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IBS & Sports Dietitian

Looking for reliable, practical and straightforward nutrition advice that’s backed by science? You’re in just the right place.

I’m a UK clinical and sports dietitian specialising in IBS and arming athletes and fitness fanatics with nutrition tactics to control their IBS and reach optimum exercise performance.

IBS Management

Do your IBS symptoms dominate your life and leave you dashing to the toilet (or bush) during training sessions?

With my proven 5 step strategy, I’ll help you confidently and consistently control your IBS and regain your life, leaving you to train as hard and as often as you like.

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Game Changer

2nd June 2021

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I used to be extremely fit and I’ve competed in regional Tri’s and Iron man challenges until I started getting really bad stabbing pains and upset stomach. I’d go through cycles of feeling ok one day and then times where I wanted the world to swallow me up! I’ve had time off work. I didn’t train. I couldn’t compete. I stopped going out with my mates. Eventually I saw my doctor, had loads of tests and he diagnosed me with IBS.

My doctor told me to cut the fatty foods, eat low fibre and avoid caffeine and alcohol. I done all this and I still had awful symptoms. It was starting to affect my mood and I didn’t like what I was becoming.

In the past I’ve seen a therapist and nutritionist. The therapist told me it’s not IBS – it’s an imbalance in my body. She done some hair and blood tests and based on that I had to take various supplements, avoid eggs, meat, chicken, milk, caffeine, rice, potatoes, all fruit and no processed foods or take-aways. This made me feel worse.

The nutritionist gave me a list of foods to avoid, some menu plans and recipes. This didn’t help either.

Then I come across CharlieJeane. Initially I was a bit sceptical because of all that I’d tried previously.

She went through everything in detail and started from scratch and progressed from there. The help and support was great – I felt like she actually listened to me and genuinely cared about me. Not even my doctor was like that.

I can now basically eat what I want, and the things I know cause me a problem, I know what I can have instead so I don’t feel deprived and actually I’m eating a load of new stuff which I really like. It’s fab that I’m back to being able to train again, although I know I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me to regain my previous level of fitness and I can’t wait to register for my next Tri! Without CharlieJeane I’d still be struggling, so I’m extremely grateful to have had their help and support. Thanks.

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Simon M, HR Manager

The best decision I’ve made

15th July 2021

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I didn’t know what to do about my symptoms. I felt like my doctor wasn’t interested and palmed me off with some medications. Everyone on social media tells you what to do but it never worked for me. I got to the point where I thought I’d have to put up with this forever and change my job or quit altogether. Charliejeane has been great and really kind and friendly. I feel so much better now and I don’t have to fret about toilets again! Thanks Charliejeane

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Rachel S, Personal Trainer

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