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9 Questions You Should Ask Before Buying Supplements

You need to be asking questions about supplements before diving in. Maybe your mates take stuff. Maybe that ripped guy in your gym uses certain supplements, so you think if you take what he does, then you’ll get a body like his?

Maybe you think if he takes that particular product and brand, and he’s okay, then you’ll be ok too. AND. Get the same results as him. Awesome!…if that was the case!

Supplement Industry

If you do take sports supplements, then you’re contributing to the supplement industry that’s estimated to be worth ~$28 billion in 2016 and expected to reach $44 billion by 2021! A massive, and ever growing industry, eh!

Do You Use Any Supplements?

(- by the way, just to be clear, whenever I mention supplements here, I’m on about sports supplements).

If you do, what do you take and why? – I’d love to find out about your experiences, and if you have any queries about what you’re taking – contact me. I do read all my messages.

But are you thinking, yeah, I take supplements, but I don’t need to worry about asking any questions. I’m not an athlete (but I am FIT!). I don’t compete. Yeah I’m in the Army and we have CDTs, but they’re nothing to worry about. So this is irrelevant.

HOWEVER. Whether you’re a pro or amateur, you do need to be asking some questions. BEFORE you take any supplement.

Here’s Some Reasons Why You Need To Ask Questions:

  • Supplements can be FAKE
  • They can be contaminated with all sorts of rubbish, and some may actually be harmful
  • Supplement companies might be sneaky and put stuff in their product, but not bother putting it on the label
  • The supplement industry isn’t tightly regulated like prescription medicines, so stuff can go under the radar and any idiot could get a product made and sell it online

Click on the picture below and read more about nutritional supplements:

sports supplements

So. What do you think about or consider before making your supplement purchase? Or do you just buy whatever is cheapest? You won’t be alone if you do this – so many guys just search “cheap supplements” or whatever, and maybe sometimes read a bit about the product and then click buy.

I want to share a few things with you because it worries me what stuff you take. Supplement companies don’t really give a sh*t about you. Basically they just want to sell loads of their products and tap into the billion dollar market!

Also, there’s a time and place for using supplements.

9 Key Questions You Need To Ask:

  1. What supplement(s) do I think I need to take?
  2. Why do I think I need to take this supplement?
  3. Is my diet loaded with everything my body needs to function properly and support my phys?
  4. If I feel I’m not getting what I need from my diet, what can I change about diet with foods/drinks to meet my nutritional needs?
  5. What robust scientific evidence is there to suggest that this supplement might be beneficial to me? You could search on places like Google Scholar or JISSN or Wiley Online
  6. Is this supplement on Informed Sport?
  7. If I take this supplement, will it interfere with my medical or health condition(s)? – So I need speak to my doctor about this first, before taking anything
  8. Is this supplement made by a reputable company?
  9. And is this supplement being sold by a reputable company?

And here’s a couple of extra questions for you:

  1. Do I need help (from a qualified health professional) with deciding if and what supplement I need to take?
  2. What are the consequences of taking this supplement? To my body? My health? My exercise performance? Does it contain any banned substances, which may result in me losing my reputation, military career and/or sports career?

These are important questions to consider and I hope you find them useful. If you have any comments, post them below.

P.S. UK Anti-doping has a great article on the fitness industry and supplement use, including image and performance enhancing drugs (IPEDs), such as steroids. It raises the importance of education around these supplements and the potential risks. And it discusses the results of an interesting survey. Like 24% of the people in the survey said they’d recommend IPEDs to fellow gym members. Hopefully you don’t take nutrition or supplement advice from people at your gym (unless they’re also a medical professional or Dietitian). You should read it!

N.B. It is crucial to get your food and fluid intake right if you want to control your IBS symptoms, and if you want train harder, go faster and recover quicker from training sessions and competitions. Dietary requirements are highly individualised and there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Working with a Registered Clinical & Sports Dietitian to develop a bespoke plan based on your unique requirements will help to ensure the most appropriate strategy and best results are achieved.

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