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To Conquer Your IBS So You Can Get Back To Feeling “Normal”, Start With This Free Training

I’ve Cured My IBS, So I Can Cure You!

“I want to share my secret with you…​

I use this system myself and I know it works. It took me a lot of work and experimentation on myself till I’ve found what really works. I’ve bought all products you can possibly imagine, and tried most IBS treatments out there…​

But now I know better, and I want that for you too, and how to really get rid of IBS naturally and without resorting to any medication or specialist treatments. You deserve to. And This is why I have written this step-by-step guide that is guaranteed to cure your IBS forever.” (Anon).​

On the face of it, this sounds awesome! And this person is being kind enough to share their tactics with you.​


But for me there are some red flags…​

And I’m going to share these with you, because I care about you and your health and wellbeing. I want the best for you. And as a Dietitian, I want to warn you about the risks you could be taking if you follow strategies by people like I’ve mentioned above.

🚩 “Guaranteed.”​

“Guaranteed to cure your IBS forever.”​

That’s a big bold statement. And a lot to live up to, because really, what in life is guaranteed? … death, at some point.​ I know this might sound dramatic, but truly, what is guaranteed.

And, there are no 100% guarantees because success also depends on you, like how committed and coachable you are.​

🚩 “Cure.”​

There is no cure for IBS. And if there was, there wouldn’t be so many people suffering with this horrible, debilitating condition that can rock up out of the blue, right at the wrong moment, leaving you feeling embarrassed, annoyed, and let down by your body.​

“I use this system myself and I know it works. It took me a lot of work and experimentation on myself till I’ve found what really works.”​

“…A lot of work and experimentation…” sounds like random trial and error, scattergun approach, rather than a structured process that got to the desired results.​

🚩 And just because something works for them,​
… It doesn’t mean it will work on everyone else, because firstly, what type of IBS do they have, and what type do you have? If they suffer with constipation, but you suffer with diarrhoea and you follow their strategy, it can make your condition much worse. ​

Secondly, is their strategy solely based on their own experience or is it actually based on scientific evidence that’s shown benefit in thousands and thousands of people, and there are no safety issues either?​

And finally, who are they to provide advice and recommendations for treating and “curing” conditions such as IBS? I mean, have they undergone formal and appropriate training in clinical nutrition? And do they have experience in gut conditions? ​

There are tons of people out there that aren’t going to be able to effectively help you, and some that aren’t in it for your best interest either, like the charlatans. ​

There are tons of influencers and celebrities that sell products and make claims, or it might just be pure perception that X supplement or diet works because of how amazing and gorgeous they look (… ignoring the fact they’ve got shedloads of makeup and filters on, an entourage around them and we’re only seeing what they want us to see). And the hundreds of thousands or millions of followers on their socials is not an indication they know what they’re on about, that what they’re saying is correct, helpful and relevant to you. ​

Then there’s all those people who have “cured” themselves of [fill in the blank] and now they claim they can help everyone else. ​

And you see this all the time. ​

People sharing their story of how they struggled and suffered with IBS (or any condition), then they stumbled upon such and such product or remedy or cobbled together a strategy that worked for them, and they’re now selling it to you! ​

For me, this gives me NO confidence they truly know what they’re doing, and meddling with people’s diet, health and medical conditions is dodgy. ​

If you went to a so-called “doctor” with no formal qualifications, and you told them all about your symptoms and they said they’d suffered with similar things and they’ve managed to rustle up some sort of treatment, would you take it? ​

Or, how about if the so-called doctor said they were just going to jump inside a Facebook group to ask for help on your behalf in there? – You’d walk out (physically or virtually) and never return. So why do people do these kinds of things for themselves?​

If it was a loved one wanting to see someone like this, you’d try talking them out of it – I know I would, so why is it ok to do it to ourselves, and take unnecessary risks.

These “ex-sufferers” might have a good heart and mean well. And they MIGHT have a few nuggets of gold that MIGHT help, but there’s a greater chance it won’t work, and they’ll do more harm than good because they don’t know the intricacies and finer details of the condition, the workings of the body, nutrition, medicine, lifestyle factors, etc., and how they all play a part.​

👉 Just because something works for them,​
… It doesn’t mean it’s safe for them or anyone else for that matter, like not eating for days, or weeks, causes weight loss, but starvation isn’t a healthy strategy!​

👉 Just because something works for them,​
… It doesn’t mean it’s appropriate for you to use, because you’re a totally different person to them with your own personal set of conditions, traits, tolerances, preferences, needs.​

I can appreciate why people would turn to those who have supposedly “cured” themselves, because it supposedly shows it “works” (for them). And people could be in such a bad way that they’re desperate for relief and will try anything.​

But you don’t have to go down that road. You deserve better.

You can bypass all that nonsense and the potential risks of using an “ex-sufferer” who claims they can help, or cure you, and perhaps they’ve even given themselves a title like guru or “IBS Expert” or “IBS Coach”. ​

Instead, you can save yourself from wasting time and money; risking your health, wellbeing, and fitness; and avoid the hassle, stress, and pitfalls of trying things that have little or no chance of working by watching my game plan of how to finally take control of your IBS.

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