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Gut Issues When You’re Exercising?

Gut issues and exercise? You’re out training, working hard, and then suddenly…you get an intense urgency to dash to the loo. And you’ve not got any toilet roll with you, let alone any toilets nearby. So, what do you do?

Have you been in this situation before? Maybe you’ve unfortunately experienced this quite a lot?

You’re hot and sweaty. You desperately need the loo and starting to get stressed. You’re looking around to see if anyone is about, so you can relieve yourself in a bush, because you’re too far from home and you have no other option. But then how do you clean yourself up? If you’re an experienced gut-issue vet and suffered with this quite a few times in the past, then you’ve probably got some tissue with you. But if this is the first time, then you’re in a bit of a pickle.

You may be unlucky enough to not only suffer with diarrhoea, but also nausea or even be sick.

This can mean you have to sack your training session altogether, which is frustrating…and feel degrading if you’ve had to use a bush (and hopefully no-one saw you). And this may be yet another compromised session, which makes you feel more and more frustrated, because how are you going to ever achieve your training goals if you miss sessions or have to cut them short.

What can cause this?

Several things can increase your risk of this, such as:

  • Carb-rich drinks and gels
  • If it wasn’t that long ago that you last ate
  • The type of food that you ate
  • Dehydration
  • If you have any medical conditions, such as IBS

If you have been suffering, you don’t need to live with this.  If you need some help to sort it out, then contact me.

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