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IBS Life Wheel

Do you suffer with IBS? How is it affecting your life? Are you able to do everything you want to do, or do you have to avoid doing certain things and constantly changing plans to fit in around your IBS?

For example, if you’re an athlete or just well into your fitness, imagine how much better you’d be able to perform if your IBS was under control. Imagine how much better you would look and feel if your IBS was sorted out.

What fitness or body composition goals would you be able to achieve? What sporting accomplishments could you achieve?

Suffering with IBS can be horrible, stressful and scary and generally make you feel miserable.

But despite all that, some people, especially those that have been suffering with it for a long time, will just “put up with it”, down-play it and just try to get by

… as if “normalising” it – perhaps as a coping mechanism.

When you’re in the thick of it, it can be hard to see the bigger picture of what’s really going on for you… but outsiders looking in, such as family, friends and work colleagues, will see you suffering, and know it’s not normal to go through what you’re going through. And they won’t like seeing you suffer either.

IBS Life Wheel

So, I’ve created this IBS Life Wheel to help you more objectively assess the impact of your IBS on your life as a whole. But you need to be honest with yourself and score the true impact – otherwise you’re only fooling yourself. And you’ll keep YOURSELF STUCK as you are.

How does my IBS Life Wheel work?

On the Wheel you’ll see 8 segments. Each one is an area of your life. For each of these categories, rate on a scale of ‘0’ to ’10’, where ‘0’ is no impact and ’10’ is the most impact – the worst ever. So how would you rate the impact of your IBS on each of these areas of your life??

The higher the score; the greater the impact on your life.

For example, you might score 2 for Sleep – your IBS doesn’t really impact your sleep too much, but you score 9.5 for your career and finances because you take a lot of sick days and time off work and when you are in work, you’re not as productive as you could be because your symptoms are ruining your concentration and you’re spending a lot of time going to the toilet.

Just work your way around the wheel, and either draw the wheel out yourself and join up your scores, or just write down your score for each category and then total it up at the end.

Your score will be between 0-80.

So what’s your score??

If you scored over 40, then I would definitely recommend you get help with managing your IBS, because it’s having a massive impact on your life and you shouldn’t have to continue like that.

BUT… Regardless of your score, if you’re not happy with how your IBS is and the impact it’s having on you, then you need to get help.

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