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IBS Is A Battlefield: How To Know Who To Trust When Asking For Help


IBS is an absolute battlefield. Everyone who’s had a belly ache claims they know what you should do to stop suffering. 

… Eat fermented sauerkraut.

… Eat yogurt.

… Go vegan.

… Stop eating gluten.

… Do intermittent fasting.

… Meditate.

… Do some sit-ups and stop whining. 

… Take acidophilus. 

I could continue writing this list for days. 

Even amongst professionals, there are differences of opinion. Nutritionists believe one thing, and fight bitterly with dietitians who believe something else. Doctors have no idea what causes IBS, but they’re happy to write prescriptions for drugs. Holistic practitioners prescribe herbal remedies that can be just as harmful. 

As I said, IBS is a battlefield. How do you know who to listen to, who to trust, or whose advice is valid? 

The best way to judge information is to examine the source’s track record. Do they use methods based on scientific evidence (or just cobbling together a plan from unqualified sources)? Have they helped a sizeable amount of people with their approach? Do they have testimonials? 

When considering who to trust, here are some red flags that should make you run in the other direction. Don’t be quick to follow anyone’s IBS guidance IF:

  • They are general practitioners who don’t specialise in IBS – but you can ask your doctor to refer you to a “gastro consultant” (- short for gastroenterologist!) – a medical doctor that specialises in the gut
  • They don’t offer a custom-tailored approach, and instead give you a one-size-fits-all solution
  • They don’t listen to you or ask you enough questions
  • They are random bloggers or people on YouTube and Facebook who claim to have cured their IBS. Even if something worked well for them, there’s NO guarantee it’s going to work for you (and may cause harm). And we’re all so different. 
  • They recommend extreme fad diets, like Keto, Paleo or Carnivore. Extreme diets significantly alter your microbiome, and also can make you ill.  

Instead, follow guidance from qualified professionals IF:

  • They specialise in IBS and have an excellent track record
  • They don’t promise to “cure” you
  • They reject extremes and suggest small but important tweaks to your diet
  • They custom-tailor their advice to your unique symptoms
  • They really listen to you

With so much bad information swirling around online, you really do have to take responsibility for your health. You need to trust your gut (pun intended). Taking responsibility for your health means that you stop looking for free advice and experimenting with your body. It means investing in your health and happiness. 

Why listen to me? Because I am a qualified professional who specialises in IBS. I offer a customised approach, and don’t lead you through extremes that injure you. I have helped hundreds of people, not just as a private Dietitian, but when I worked as a healthcare professional for the National Healthcare system of the UK. 

Plus, I care. I really do. My husband had IBS. I’m no stranger to the suffering involved, and I’ve made it my life’s work to alleviate that suffering as much as possible. I’ll never claim to cure anything. I just get results. 

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