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IBS Ruining Your Training And Stopping You Achieving Your Fitness Goals?

IBS and exercise

Do you love going for a good run? Out in the fresh air. Taking in all the sights along the way. Listening to your headphones. Smiling at fellow runners coming the other way. And maybe saying a quick hello (maybe whilst trying to act as if you’re not too out of breath).


…Well, you did enjoy running before your bowel symptoms started getting in the way? Sometimes you can be feeling okay before you set off, but then 6/7+ miles later and you’re suffering with needing to dash to the loo? And sometimes you can be feeling sick too? Do you worry about taking spare tissues and clothes with you? Do you always avoid going to places where there’s no toilets or anywhere to sneakily go?


This could be “runner’s gut”, but it could be your IBS. Unfortunately for people with IBS, they can be much more prone to suffering gut issues during exercise.

Imagine if you could go for a run, whether it was a quick best effort 3-miler, or 10-miles or even a nice leisurely shake-down run, whatever distance without all the stress and worry.

Imagine if you knew what to do about your symptoms, so you had them under control.

Well, I’ve created a FREE Masterclass training session for people like you that are into their fitness but suffer with IBS. During the session I share my 5 steps that my previous clients have used to successfully get their symptoms under control.

Initially they were where you are now….

…Feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and actually deep down, feeling pretty darn miserable about their symptoms – symptoms which were basically ruling their lives…. stopping them from training, …interrupting their training sessions, …sometimes being housebound when times were particularly bad, …having time off work, ….only going to places where there were toilets, …turning down friends and family events or only going out for a short time.

Are you constantly thinking about your symptoms?

Do you want to get your life back?

If you’re an adult and you suffer with IBS. And if you’re in the military, an athlete or an amateur. Then take action and GRAB A SEAT NOW for my training, so you can start improving your symptoms.

I’ve worked with shed loads of military personnel, probably as you’d expect with me being an Army Vet., athletes and general gym-goers who have been having a total nightmare suffering with IBS interfering with their life. On. A. Daily. Basis. But they’ve managed to pop out the other side and now in the driver’s seat of their IBS.

So why not help yourself and get my FREE training now.

N.B. It is crucial to get your food and fluid intake right if you want to control your IBS symptoms and if you want train harder, go faster and recover quicker from training sessions and competitions. Dietary requirements are highly individualised and there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Working with a Registered Clinical & Sports Dietitian to develop a bespoke plan based on your unique requirements will help to ensure the most appropriate strategy and best results are achieved. 

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