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Get The Right Nutrition.
Get The Right Results.


​Are you spending loads of time every week, scouring the internet and social media for remedies, supplements, diets, intolerance testing kits, books, recipes?​

﹡ ​ Waking up symptom-free so you get to rule the day without the usual toilet dramas…​

﹡ ​ Eating a favourite food and not having to “pay for it” the next day…​

﹡ ​ Feeling proud of the fit body that reflects the warrior you are within…​

﹡ ​ Being able to wear fitted clothes that compliment your body and make you feel good, instead of hiding behind baggy, shapeless clothes because you’re bloated…​

﹡ ​ Feeling empowered because you finally know how your body reacts to certain foods…​ And how to stop any symptoms in their tracks…
​All without having to take a load of remedies or follow restrictive, boring and extreme diets that can damage your health in the long run.​

I’m Charliejeane Cooke, the IBS and Sports Dietitian. Previously I worked with the Special Air Service (SAS), one of the most prestigious fighting forces in the world. I started out as a chef and fell in love with the miracle of food as a morale builder, as fuel, and as something warriors could bond over in social settings. 


As I progressed through the ranks of the army, I learned even more about the importance of health and nutrition. I began to understand how diet impacts every part of how we feel. I also learned how mindset contributes to the highest level of physical performance and overall health. And when we combined mindset with the advanced science of nutrition? Our soldiers were unstoppable. 


With the right mindset training, nutrition and personal guidance, you can accomplish ANYTHING. I see it with my clients all the time. 


After my experiences in the army, I qualified as a Registered Dietitian and worked with patients with IBS in our National Health Service and found that I was able to get results for my clients, no matter how long they’d suffered with symptoms. 


I empower my clients to take control of their IBS and fitness, and live fully alive instead of missing out on their full potential.


IBS isn’t your fault, and there’s so much you can do about it that’s safe and scientifically proven, and with my help and guidance every step of the way. 


I actually treated my husband Glenn for IBS before we were married. Now, he’s an integral part of my company.


IBS nutrition qualifications

BSc (Hons) Human Nutrition, First (1:1)

PgDip Dietetics (Merit)

MSc Applied Sports Nutrition (Distinction)

Registered Dietitian with HCPC (Health & Care Professions Council)

British Dietetic Association full member

Registered Nutritionist with SENr (Sport & Exercise Nutrition Register)

UK Anti-doping advisor

ISAK (body composition assessment) qualified to Level 2

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