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What’s a Dietitian?

Dietitians are degree-qualified health professionals that can promote nutritional wellbeing, treat disease and prevent nutrition-related problems (British Dietetic Association – BDA).

It’s worth noting that ‘Dietitian’ and ‘Nutritionist’ are not interchangeable terms. Nutritionists can only provide info about food and healthy eating.


What Happens During Consultations?

Consultations can be in-person in the comfort of your own home (York, UK only) or by video call, telephone or email. Prior to the initial consultation, you’ll need to complete a consultation application form and a food diary.

The initial consultation will be about gathering further background information to identify any issues, your needs, goal(s), habits, diet, activity, symptoms, and any medical test results and to formulate a suitable action plan with you. There will be lots of discussion and opportunities for you to ask questions.

Then I’ll make an assessment to obtain a fuller picture, and to get baseline information which can then be monitored for progress. I may provide you with relevant information leaflets and signpost you to any further sources of support or information. The information you provide will be assessed and you’ll receive a report complete with a personalised plan and any other relevant resources.


How Long Are Consultations?

The initial session is 90 minutes. Follow-up sessions are 45 minutes.


Do I Have To Be Weighed?

No. It isn’t compulsory but it’s helpful for my assessment. It’s also useful for you to track your progress if this is relevant to your goal(s).


What Age Group Can Be Seen?

From 18yrs upwards.


Is There a Military Discount?

Yes, absolutely. Just show your military identity card for a 15% discount.


What Should I Bring With Me To An Appointment?

Nothing, unless I specifically ask you to bring something based on your consultation application form.


What Continued Support is Available?

Additional support between consultations can be provided by telephone or email.


Do You Offer Weekend and Evening Appointments?

Please enquire about this when arranging your appointments.


Do I Have to Share My Eating Habits or Body Composition?

It can be really nerve-wracking sharing your personal stuff with a stranger, but this will be handled sensitively. Only necessary information will be collected with your consent and used in order to help identify the most appropriate course of action.

If you’re not honest in your answers, the subsequent action plan won’t be as effective. If you don’t wish to be weighed or have your body measurements taken, this is fine. However, some people consent to being measured but don’t wish to know the actual results; only if they’ve improved or not. All this can be discussed in more detail if you have any concerns.


Why Should I Have a Body Composition Assessment?

It’s useful for monitoring:

  • Athletes and general population
  • Health: To identify health risk associated with being underweight or overweight
  • Ageing: To monitor age-related or disease-related changes, such as loss of muscle mass and weight loss

The results can be used to identify baseline levels which are then monitored over time to track progress. This will help formulate dietary recommendations that will aid adjustments to your body composition.


What Happens During a Body Composition Assessment?

Depending if you’ve requested a “Restricted” (i.e. less detailed) or a “Comprehensive” body composition assessment, as per ISAK standards, depends on how long it will last.

A Restricted assessment lasts about 45mins whereas the Comprehensive assessment lasts about 60-75mins.

During the assessment I’ll measure lengths, breadths and circumferences of various body parts. The results will then be analysed and presented back to you within 7 days for discussion.

Please note: this service is only available in the York area. Please enquire for more information.

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