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Constipation: A Guide and Tracker to Help You Manage Your Constipation


Are you sick of feeling like you need to go but can’t? Is your constipation causing you pain and embarrassment and affecting your everyday life? Then it’s time to make a stand.

This constipation tracker has been specifically designed by Charliejeane, a Registered Dietitian specialising in improving gut health, to combat those issues. It contains a handy guide that helps you underpin causes of constipation and identify solutions. Plus you can track your own symptoms before and after making any changes so that you can monitor your progress. 



  • A4 PDF available as a digital download (hard copies coming soon) that can be typed straight into or printed off.
  • Includes a comprehensive guide packed full of handy hints and tips.
  • Contains a 5-week tracker that you can use to record your symptoms and monitor progress.
  • Provides you with the perfect template to share with your doctor or dietitian which can ensure appropriate treatment.


So hit the download button and get started with your constipation tracker today.

The new you could be just a few weeks away!

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