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The Holistic IBS Diary


Suffering with IBS and struggling to identify patterns in your symptoms? You don’t need to suffer in silence. It could be easier than you think to take back control. The key? You just need the right tools…

As the name suggests, The Holistic IBS Diary encourages you to take a holistic approach to your condition. Its author, Charliejeane, is a professional and experienced IBS dietitian who’s spent a decade helping sufferers confidently control their symptoms.

This comprehensive IBS food diary contains everything you need to effectively understand and manage your condition, identify patterns and take action. So instead of worrying about when your next flare up will be, you can proactively stop the onset of symptoms before they even occur.



  • A4 PDF available as a digital download (hard copies coming soon) that can be typed straight into or printed off.
  • Gives you the ability to track not only your diet but also your lifestyle, mood and other factors that can all contribute to the accumulation of symptoms.
  • Contains 6 weeks of undated diary entries for you to fill in.
  • Packed full of information to boost positivity.
  • Provides you with the perfect template to share with your doctor or dietitian which can ensure accurate diagnosis or treatment.


It’s time to tell IBS to jog on… You’ve got this!

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