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Unsafe foods for IBS

What foods should I avoid for my IBS?

October 21, 20234 min read

“The future depends on what you do today.” - Mahatma Gandhi

Have you ever found yourself frantically typing, "What foods should I avoid for my IBS?" into the Google search bar, hoping for a solution to your digestive woes?

This common query generates over 23 million search results, each promising the keys to IBS relief.

It's like a never-ending buffet of information, but how do you know which "dishes" are safe to consume?

The Quest For Answers

Picture this...

You're staring at your screen, scrolling through those search results, desperately trying to find help for managing your IBS.

And you can't help but think, "How many pages should I go through?" One? Two? Several? It's frustrating. And time-consuming.

The Paradox Of The "Top Hits"

Let's face it, we all love convenience. Life's busy, and who's got time to dig through endless pages of search results, right?

Ever noticed how we tend to click on results that just confirm what we already know or expect? It's called confirmation bias, and it's a sneaky little thing that keeps us in our comfort zone.

And what about those top results?

We kind of trust them like they're the crème de la crème of answers, handpicked just for us, sort of like having a friendly librarian pick out the perfect book.

But here's the twist...

As enticing as those top hits might seem, here's the catch:

They don't always mean they're the "right" hits, and taking their advice blindly might not be your best move.

Navigating The Dietary Minefield

So, what do you do when you stumble upon a treasure trove of dietary advice?

Do you go all-in and avoid everything listed on that one website you've chosen? Do you cherry-pick, avoiding some but not all of their recommendations? Or do you go one step further and steer clear of not only the foods listed on that website but also anything else recommended for avoidance on different websites?

It's like piecing together a complex puzzle, isn't it?

The Common Pitfall

The "Unsafe" Foods List

I see this scenario all the time - people eagerly gather lists of foods to avoid, put it into action, and create a mental vault of so-called "unsafe" foods.

But here's the kicker: Their IBS symptoms don't get the memo and continue to wreak havoc 😲

The Concern And Consequences

This isn't just inconvenient; it's downright concerning.

Why? Because, labelling foods as "unsafe" can lead to several problems that go beyond inconvenience:

  1. Fear and Anxiety: When you categorise foods as "unsafe," it can create fear and anxiety around eating. You may begin to dread mealtimes, worried about eating something that could trigger symptoms.

  2. Social Isolation: Declaring certain foods as "unsafe" can lead to social isolation. Because you may avoid social gatherings that involve food, impacting your overall quality of life.

  3. Unnecessary Dietary Restrictions: Labelling foods as "unsafe" may lead you down the path of needless dietary restrictions. In doing so, you might exclude foods that can be integral to a healthy, balanced diet. The heart of the matter? You're basing your choices on a generalised list of "unsafe" items without truly understanding which foods personally agree or disagree with you. Causing you to miss out on foods that, in reality, might not even trigger any symptoms for you. ...And some of these foods might be foods you love.

So, not only are you potentially missing out on a whole world of culinary delights that could be on your menu, but your range of foods dwindles, your health takes a hit, and you may find yourself in the undernourishment pitfall.

👉 And let's not forget the mood rollercoaster – low mood can tag along, affecting your food choices, lifestyle decisions, and, you guessed it, your symptoms.

Breaking The Vicious Cycle

And so, the cycle of restricting foods while attempting to manage symptoms continues, like a never-ending whirlwind 🌪️

But there's a beacon of hope amid this tempest.

Could that beacon be found in the use of Food Intolerance tests? Find out here.

To avoid this trap or break free from it if you're already ensnared, seeking professional support is your wisest move.

A healthcare professional with expertise in managing IBS can be your guiding light. And together devise a personalised approach to managing your IBS.

Key Takeaway

So, when you're deep in the throes of IBS-related dietary questions, remember that Google isn't your ally. Seek professional guidance to unravel the mystery of your symptoms.

Don't let IBS control your choices – take control with the support you deserve 👍

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